About Taps Australia

Pour Your Own Beer!

Taps Australia invites our guests to experience the best of both worlds, an eclectic grunge setting with the vibrancy of the locations environment; a place to indulge in all things fun, games, food and of course beer (along with a variety of other delicious beverages).

With an immediately identifiable brand and culture, Taps Australia stands head and shoulders above other bars, pubs and bistros. We aim to touch the senses and be an experience rather than a night club and or pub environment. We strive to create a sense of individuality for our customers, and an experience they will continually return to enjoy.

About The Founder

Founded by beer loving Australian entrepreneur, Steve Barber, Taps Australia has now opened their second franchise store in Brisbane.

During an adventurous trip to Europe with his mates in 2011, the booming craft beer industry caught Steve’s attention. Upon his return to Queensland, he studied the local retail sector and observed that there were no bars that offered a pour your own system in the Australian market. Steve started to develop a business concept that was different to anything else in Australia. His vision was to do “beer pouring differently” and deliver a unique customer experience.

In 2013, with the help and support from his family, Steve opened his first Taps bar and bistro in Mooloolaba, the heart of Sunshine Coast. His decision to open his first store in Mooloolaba was based around the lifestyle locals and tourist liked to live and experience in and around the coast. Steve consulted with local brewers to create a menu of craft beers that covered all types.

The success of his first store, allowed Steve to open an additional store in Brisbane before receiving an abundance of interest from the public wanting to invest into the company. By March 2017, the first franchisee came on board and has never looked back.