Come in now and Pour Your
Own craft beers at TAPS!

Taps is well known for a couple of things. 1st is the beer. Years of trying new beers. Small batch, new brewery launches, tap takeovers, colabs and new creations. We’ve had so many beers its hard to keep up. In fact, we have been changing our taps on the reg for 6 years now. SO MANY BEERS!!ย 

The 2nd… and our little claim to fame is the Self-Service Beers taps we have. No lines. No waiting. No hassles. Grab a preloaded card and pour a drop to taste or go nuts and fill the pint. Its about exploring the beers and finding something that suits your taste. #PYO makes the difference.

Keep on the insta feed for all the up and comings.ย 


We have the best beers!

Well Shit…. with a motto like that we better back it up right!! With so many awesome breweries opening, bottleshop fridges filling up and flavours forever changing, we want you to explore the range of the Australia’s best craft beers. We don’t drink shit beer but we do drink a shit tonne of the good stuff.ย 

Whats your flavour?? Is it a tart sour beer? A big IIPA? Maybe a new release from Blackhops brewing. Or simply several schooies of the perfect Pac Ale from Stone and Wood. Its up to you.ย 

Don’t forget, we range local. All the breweries we neighbour are regulars on the line up. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT. SUPPORT LOCALย